Ioannis Gutevas is a composer from Greece with a passion for music and technology. He began his musical journey during his high school years, when he developed an interest in playing the guitar. In college, he began to experiment with the first sample libraries and virtual instruments, which sparked his interest in music production.

Ioannis’s love for music is diverse, ranging from epic and metal music to celtic, classical, rock, and other genres. His interest in these different styles has influenced his unique blend of hybrid epic music. He is a self-taught composer who has spent many years studying music on his own through online resources.

Ioannis’s dedication to his craft has led him to work for trailer music companies. He has composed music for movie trailers, video games, and television shows.

Outside of his musical pursuits, Ioannis enjoys exploring the natural beauty of Greece and expanding his knowledge through reading and learning new things. He is a friendly and approachable person who enjoys helping other musicians and music enthusiasts.